Students Speak

I have encouraged my students and family members to write about their experiences they have had with the music lessons in their lives.

This is so others might read and become encouraged to pursue their own interest in music.


A grandparent is seeing motivation

I have 2 grandsons (soon to be 3) taking lessons from Maribeth for the last 4 years. Her ability to teach the theory of music and the technique of piano is exceeded only by the means to which she has established a fun and caring relationship with these boys.  I can’t say they always like the practice aspect of piano, but they always look forward to their lesson time with her.  Her interest in their lives and their personal traits make her a part of our family. That is great motivation.

Robert Jacobson MD

A parent loves the sounds of practice

My 9 year-old son began playing piano with Maribeth in January of thisyear. Four months later, he is enjoying playing and learning. Maribeth, is a naturally positive instructor, full of warmth and encouragement and also has great technique. Her standards for music are strong and challenging and she brings students along at their pace. I am very pleased at the instruction that my child is receiving and adore hearing him practice at home. Thank you Maribeth!

Brinda Narayan-Wold

A parent impressed with teaching style

My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Maribeth for 3 years. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Maribeth always finds a way to accomdate our ever changing schedule. She also makes piano lessons fun because she understands kids and enjoys working with them. She also keeps them interested by allowing them to help choose their music. Overall we are very impressed with Maribeth’s teaching style and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Wendy Montenegro

A student having fun

I have taken guitar lessons from Maribeth for three years. She has taught me how to read music and write songs. I love taking lessons because Maribeth makes it fun!

Claire Leach

A grateful parent

If you’re considering Maribeth for your children’s musical education, you are in an enviable position.  We have had the privilege of watching her teach our daughters for the past 3 years.  She always finds ways to tailor the class to each child’s interests and keep them excited about continuing to learn.  I especially appreciate the fact that she focuses on not simply learning the notes but helps the kids truly understand the theory behind the music as well.  As I watch my oldest transposing music on her own, I am grateful for the appreciation and abilities Maribeth has helped them to develop.

The Ward Family